Cheap Music Therapy: A meditation on the art and technicalities of music creation, and how it should be heard.

Episode 5 - Strange Jazz Universe, Guitar Gear

This episode we catch up with Strange Jazz Universe at the Basement Tavern. Tommy and I talk about, and make noise on, one of his guitar pedals the "Butterface." Starts off with the song "Splatch" by Miles Davis; Tommy and Jeff talking pedals and noise at the 5:50 mark; and ends with band introductions and "Star Gazers" by Strange Jazz Universe at about the 14 minute mark.

Episode 4 - Tommy and Jeff talk music

Tommy and Jeff are back having another heart to heart about music, how it's made, and what it means to us. A lot of rambling on several topics. Including how to play bass, Spalt Guitars, Apache Amps, writing, and other miscellaneous noise. Sounds courtesy of the aforementioned, recorded at (and many thanks to) Musicians Choice Rehearsal in Culver City California! Links below. Huzaah!

Episode 3 - Ron Bruner Sr

We're (mostly) back from a short summer siesta! Tommy and I are doing our best not to let all this fame and fortune go to our heads. We continue our exploration of how music is made, and how it should be heard. In this episode we revisit an interview Jeff did last year with Ron Bruner Sr (Strange Jazz Universe). Check out Ron and Strange Jazz Universe, they're an amazing group and they have a new album coming out soon. Cheers!

Episode 2 - Jeremy Krull

We recently sat down with Jeremy Krull - producer, mixer, guitarist, composer, and more - primarily to talk about mixing. As you'll see though, Jeremy's knowledge goes deep. We cover much of the recording process in episode 2 including a good deal of history, what bands/artists should look for in a mixer, what they should be willing to pay for, and how it all impacts the quality of the finished product. Jeremy also offers some insight... Read More

Episode 1 - Andy Sanesi

Tommy and Jeff yammer. Andy Sanesi speaks, offers an education on drums, gigs, and how to listen to music. In our first official cast we talk with Andy Sanesi before he takes the stage at Trip in Santa Monica. Andy is a very talented gigging/session drummer - a fact which is plenty to admire on its own. Musicians at this level have obviously put in the time to develop their playing skills and it has always impressed me that... Read More

Episode 0 - Soundcheck

Tommy and Jeff make some noise and talk about how the noise is made. We don't have any guests yet, so Tommy does most of the talking. In this episode we discuss amp building for guitars and classical instruments, and how to practice an instrument. Sounds feature a pedal of Tommy's own design, the Butterface. At this point we've just decided to get together and talk about music with some very talented folks. Looking forward to wherever... Read More

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