Episode 1 - Andy Sanesi

Tommy and Jeff yammer. Andy Sanesi speaks, offers an education on drums, gigs, and how to listen to music.

In our first official cast we talk with Andy Sanesi before he takes the stage at Trip in Santa Monica. Andy is a very talented gigging/session drummer - a fact which is plenty to admire on its own. Musicians at this level have obviously put in the time to develop their playing skills and it has always impressed me that Andy has a mastery of so many different styles. However, it’s easy to overlook the behind-the-scenes skills that power the careers of musicians like Andy. Among them are leadership, professionalism, a healthy compulsion for creative expression, and a drive toward continued growth.

That musicians improve and bring new ideas to performances requires a constant pushing of boundaries. Grinding your chops only uncovers a fraction of what is possible. Studying the world of musical expression, its history and many traditions, reveals new tonal and rhythmic vocabularies. Those with the guts to explore have never come back empty-handed.

Just a little something extra to listen for in your favorite artists.

After recording 3 sessions (next one will be posted soon) we’ve started to define an identity. If we keep it up long enough we’ll even have a format. We’re glad to have you along for the ride.

With performance excerpts featuring:
Andy Sanesi (drums)
Denys Cristian (guitar)
Rufus Philpot (bass)
Recorded at TRIP Santa Monica

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